Depend on ETI/NCSC lighting services and you'll never be left in the dark.
The benefits of good lighting are easy to see: Reduced operating costs; increased productivity; and improved image. Take an even closer look and the benefits of a good lighting maintenance program are clear—maximized operating efficiency, significantly reduced energy costs, optimum lighting quality, and the visibility to avoid accidents.

ETI's lighting program includes a comprehensive list of services including:

  • Regular inspection of lighting systems for operating efficiency
  • Emergency response
  • Scheduled re-lamping and cleaning of all fixtures for peak efficiency
  • Conveniently scheduled service calls
  • Reduction of investment in lighting materials and components
  • Skilled, uniformed, and insured technicians
  • The latest in service technology and equipment
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of indoor/outdoor light systems
  • Retrofits for energy efficiency
  • Maintenance/repair of florescent and neon signs