At ETI we take our mission to serve our clients and meet their facilities maintenance needs very seriously. To ensure those needs are met, we develop an in-depth understanding of our clients and their unique facilities maintenance requirements within their markets like government, manufacturing, retail, corporate and public venue. Those markets are diverse and complex, ranging from the constant, high-traffic demands of education, commercial/corporate, retail and public venues - to the stringent security requirements of government sectors - to the flexibility needed in servicing multiple branches of the financial institutions market - to the mission critical requirements in plant and manufacturing environments.

Because we embrace the true meaning of "service," our satisfied customers enjoy ETI's customized, award-winning facilities support / maintenance services like janitorial services, quality customer care assurance,  operations and maintenance, landscaping, lighting and office services, each and every day, in every industry. Professionals from all our markets — government, manufacturing, corporate, education, retail, financial institutions and public venue alike — trust ETI for all their facilities maintenance needs.

Putting the Customer First.

At ETI, we take customer care services seriously. We never lose sight of why we are here or how we got here. It was you. Our clients, by using our service, enable us to pursue our passion. That being said, all ETI employees are very clear on where our management team stands on quality and the delivery of service. ETI is a family owned and operated business, and has been for over 25 years.  We instill family values in all our endeavors, and because we represent you to your customers, you can count on ETI to treat all clients and customers with respect and dignity.


Innovative technology is an important key to ETI's industry-leading facilities support services.  At ETI, constant innovation enables us to increase productivity, monitor quality more effectively, and develop new ways to meet the facilities support services needs of our customers.

Our integrated transaction management model automates all facilities support reporting and financial processes, instantly distributing that information to our staff through web-based and wireless technologies. Additionally, you can expect quality and accuracy with our ongoing Quality Assurance Inspections. You will always receive a fast and accurate response to your needs at both the ETI web portal and at our 24x7 call center.

You'll also find innovative programs such as our: Customer 1st Quality Assurance monitoring, this feature allows our customer and your customers to grade and track the level and satisfaction of the services provided within the facility, program, and or process. 


Quite simply, we are committed to excellence through our quality focused, targeted approach to staffing. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with you that will extend beyond your current job search.  ETI has proven to be an effective resource for most job seekers throughout their career and employers. As more companies experience the costliness of employee turnover and the sometimes devastating effects of a bad hiring decision, they are increasingly adopting new policies and procedures to protect their employees and their company.

Often times these pre-employment policies and procedures can add cost or additional time, or both, to your existing hiring process. To assist your company in minimizing both the cost and time associated with hiring new employees, ETI Staffing offers a variety of Pre-Employment Services, including:

  • Reference Checks
  • Criminal History Checks - Local, State or National
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Education Records
  • Skills Testing
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Workers Compensation Checks (Post-Offer)
  • Drug / substance abuse testing


ETI Staffing – A Partnership for Success

Our customized approach is flexible and adaptable to meet any client’s temporary staffing requirements. We provided comprehensive staffing solutions that combine recruiting, screening, interviewing and reference checking for easy and efficient placement. Large jobs or small, local, regional, or nationwide, we look forward to providing an excellent selection of temporary candidates ideally suited for all of your employment staffing needs.

Light Industrial Staffing

For all of your light industrial staffing needs, including:

  • Packing, Assembling
  • Maintenance
  • Freight Handling
  • Warehouse
  • Convention
  • Janitorial

Administrative Staffing

For all of your administrative staffing needs, including:

  • Legal Secretaries / Paralegals
  • Accounting Clerks
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Receptionists
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Office Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Project Managers
  • Benefit Packages may be available to qualifying temporary candidates.
  • Skilled Industrial Staffing

For all of your skilled industrial staffing needs, including:

  • Machine Operators
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Welders